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BSNL Duplicate Bill Details

One of the leading telecom providers in the country is BSNL that works as one of the organization of Government of India. BSNL is abbreviated for Bharat Sanchar Nagar Limited. BSNL has always been on the path of improvising its services over the span of time for benefitting its customers. The topic below explains the various ways of getting the BSNL duplicate bill either for BSNL landline or for BSNL mobile postpaid connection.

Steps for getting BSNL duplicate bill for the mobile postpaid connection

Any BSNL mobile postpaid user can obtain a BSNL mobile's duplicate bill by following some simple steps:-

  • Log on using the taken user id and password and visit the Bill section

  • The user should specify their mobile number and also the account number

  • If a new user want to get BSNL mobile duplicate bill but does not have an account number must call the BSNL helpdesk and after getting the desired information, one can get the duplicate bill by logging-in by furnishing the desired information.

  • The bill can only be generated for a specific month.

Steps for getting duplicate bill for the landline connection

Any BSNL landline user can obtain a duplicate bill by following these simple steps:-

  • The BSNL landline user can fetch the duplicate bill for the usage of their landline for a specific month by visiting "" and can obtain a duplicate copy of their bill.

  • The other method of getting the duplicate bill for BSNL landline is by logging-in the BSNL bill check portal for the BSNL landline connection. Then, the visitor must visit the BSNL landline bill enquiry link.

  • For having a backup of the bill, the user can also take the print of the bill for specific month.

  • The BSNL landline bill can also be taken from the nearest BSNL branch by providing them with the details.

BSNL duplicate bill for the Cellone user's:-

  • The user of the Cellone must specify their mobile number along with the account number on the following link"".

  • After the user logs in successfully, he or she can get the duplicate copy of the bill of their specified mobile number.

  • The new users of the Cellone can get the login credentials by calling the customer service of the Cellone and providing them the required information.