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The duplicate copy of the birth

If the person have the original birth certificate, if he/she do not have the ... btn

CBSE Marksheet

The duplicate or triplicate copy

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Train Tickets

In case the railway ticket is lost

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Duplicate Pan Card

In case any one lost his PAN card than it is must for him to get the other duplicate PAN card as earliest possible. Due to lost of PAN card your all the financial transactions will get disturbed or get delayed. It is the matter of knowledge that one can not even get a new land line phone in absence of the pan card.

It is the general behavior of the officials of the government that they behave rudely if one wants to get even a single document. But with the commencement of the cyber age many things have been progressed very fast. Nowadays the process of getting duplicate PAN card is very convenient and easy if any one lost it.

The Procedure is as Follows:

  1. There are the two designated bodies of the government on whose websites that are dealing with all the matters regarding the PAN cards, you can visit these websites. These two bodies are UTIISL and other is NSDL. The other easy way is to contact with a broker who is authorized by the government or can go to agency such as

  2. On the webpage of these sites you will get two buttons one is for applying new PAN card and the other one is for applying duplicate PAN card and you have to push the latter.

  3. The form (49A) is to be filled over there for applying for the duplicate PAN card as it was filled in case of original PAN card. You have to enter the same details as entered previously.

  4. In case of applying the duplicate PAN card you have to disclose the PAN number. This number is very easy to access as it is always mentioned in your all financial transaction papers. One can find this number over the income tax return; demat account, on the original PAN card’s covering letter etc. In any case if you are unable to access your PAN number than in that case you must visit the link

  5. After submitting all the necessary details in this form and paying the fees of Rs.94.00 the duplicate PAN card get delivered to you door step within 7-10 days.

Few points to Remember:

  1. In case of the lost of the PAN card you have to lodge FIR to the police station of your area and receive the copy of that FIR. This FIR can be used for further future references.

  2. In case of NRI, the duplicate PAN card can be applied by online way by process as described above. The charges online are Rs. 717.00 and the payment will be done by using credit card.

  3. The delivery of the PAN card will be at the door steps in the foreign country within a single day and hence the extra charge is being taken.