Birth Certificate

The duplicate copy of the birth

If the person have the original birth certificate, if he/she do not have the ... btn

CBSE Marksheet

The duplicate or triplicate copy

The lost of certificate shall be notified by way of the Press Note or by giving... btn

Train Tickets

In case the railway ticket is lost

The individual has applied for the duplicate copy of that ticket before the... btn

Duplicate Ration Card

To apply a ration card for the first time, there were some rules to be follow and the person who wants to apply the ration card for second time has to follow some few rules:

The offices of Assistant Food and Supplies, Inspector of Food and Supplies, and Office of District Food and Supplies Controller should be located first under jurisdiction of which the person is residing at the present time.

The personnel who is responsible should have given all the procedures and guidelines.

Following are the procedures:

D-I form should be collected.
It should be filled up duly.
This should be verified through the shop of Fair Price currently.
The ration number units and withdrawal of ration should be indicated on the top part of the application form by the FPS that is compulsory.
After completion of this, in the office where the form has been collected should be submitted.
The photos of passport size should also be attached with the form at the time of application form submission. All members of family should have to submit the passport size photographs.
After completion of steps mentioned above, applicant should be given a slip.
This slip shows the date of collection of duplicate card by the applicant.  The issuance of card is from the office of collection of the application card.
About 2 weeks will be taken for the new ration card issuance.

At the time of duplicate ration card collection, a nominal fee should be given.