Birth Certificate

The duplicate copy of the birth

If the person have the original birth certificate, if he/she do not have the ... btn

CBSE Marksheet

The duplicate or triplicate copy

The lost of certificate shall be notified by way of the Press Note or by giving... btn

Train Tickets

In case the railway ticket is lost

The individual has applied for the duplicate copy of that ticket before the... btn

Duplicate Voter ID Card

For getting the duplicate voter ID card the form 001 is to be filled by which the person gets registration for getting the Voter ID card. After filling the form no.006 the name of the individual will be mentioned in the voters list. Both the forms 001 and 006 can be filled simultaneously.

In case of lost of the Voter ID card the person has to fill the form no.002. Before applying for the duplicate Voter ID card the person have to lodge the FIR in the police station of his area and have to take the copy of that FIR. During applying for duplicate PAN card the copy of FIR is to be attached.

The amount of Rs.25 is to be deposited to the office of the local Electoral Registration Office in the form of penalty. On the Election Day the individual must carry his voter ID card issued to him for the purpose of identification and voting.

Besides the copy of FIR regarding the lost of voter ID card certain other documents are also required like passport, driving license, ration card, pan card etc.